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Our #MyBBB Bucket List: Oman

As we prepare to go to London to compete against 9 other finalists for MyDestination’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List competition, we’re blogging about the places we’d love to include on our bucket list. We’ll spend this month in constant count-down, researching’s 65 featured destinations and highlighting our favorites. In no particular order, today’s post is on Oman.


We’ve wanted to go to the Middle East for a long time.  For us, Oman is the gateway to this fascinating region and a small kingdom that holds the best of the Arab world.  Here’s a quick list of ideas on how to spend a week in Oman.

Oman is full of contrasts to explore.  On one hand, the dry dunes of the Empty Quarter are the original home of the Bedouins, so tpp on the list would be night in the desert.  We’d spend a night sleeping under the stars, immersed in the silence of the desert, then wake up to sand-board down the dunes and ride 4x4s all the way back to Muscat.

But Oman is not simply a desert – there are oases like the traditional mud village of Bilad Sayt or Wakan, or the lush mountains and coastline surrounding Salalah, Oman’s 2nd largest city.  There’s plenty to do below the sand as well – we’d take advantage of Oman’s extensive cave system to explore the underground and take shelter from the heat by doing some caving.

The coast has played a huge part in Oman’s history.  The port of Sohar is said to be the birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor, so we’d pay our respects to that legendary traveler before shooting down to the shipbuilding capital of Sur to check out a traditional Dhow making factory – the type of boat we want to sail to Zanzibar later… (post coming soon!). Round off the coast with a visit to Khasab and then it’s time to head inland.

Omanis needed forts to protect these ports, and modern Oman is filled with castles from centuries past.  Images of fortresses like Nizwa, Jabrin, Nakhal, Ar Rustaq and Khasab stir our imagination and get us excited about winning the #mybbb contest and making our way to Oman as soon as possible!

For now, our friends at JamandaHalf have provided us with a sample of local jams and if you want more music from Oman visit their webpage.

Comments? Advice? Disagreements? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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