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#MyBBB Vlog #2: Agur Euskadi (Goodbye Basque Country)

Spend the next 3 minutes with the Vagabrothers as they recount their amazing memories from a very special place.

Goodbye Euskadi…for now.

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Countdown to London Week 1: Alex’s Vlog

Vagabrother Alex recounts the past few weeks in San Sebastián where the pace of life has accelerated drastically since being named a top ten finalist in My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List.

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Vagabrothers on the Radio

Hello World,

What a crazy past few weeks it has been over here in San Sebastián.  Ever since announced the finalists to the Biggest Baddest Bucket List we have been a wild roller coaster ride!

Here is a quick video edit of Alex’s radio interview with Cadena Ser from last week.  In it he explains more about the BBB contest, a bit of history about the Vagabrothers and their views on travel and exploration.


-Vagabrother Alex

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Vote for Vagabrothers: Help us Win a 6-Month RTW Trip and $50,000

The Vagabrothers need your help!

We just entered’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List contest to win $50,000 and a 6-month trip around the world.  For our entry, we made a 3 minute video about our favorite city – Donostia-San Sebastian – and wrote a short story about hitchhiking across Scotland.

We put a lot of time and effort into our entry, but to win we need your help.  Please take the time to go to the link below and vote for us to win so the Vagabrothers can take our show around the world!


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Interview: Travel, Culture & Basque Country (English, French & Portuguese Subtitles)

Good News: We’ve added English & French subtitles to our interview with the local Basque newspaper, Diario Vasco (see article on their website).

Learn more about the Vagabrothers’ philosophy and why we’re so stoked on the Basque Country by turning on the caption in the bottom right corner.

Aupa Euskadi!

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San Sebastian – Marching to a Basque Drum (The Tamborrada)

New Video: The Vagabrothers dive into San Sebastian’s biggest annual party, the Tamborrada.  As they watch locals dress up like soldiers and chefs, they learn the story behind the party and why so many people are proud to be from San Sebastian.

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Sneak Peak: Photos from the Tamborrada

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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San Sebastian Day – The Tamborrada

We stood in the middle of San Sebastian’s main square, a regiment of Napoleonic soldiers on our left squaring off against a few hundred elderly men dressed up as chefs. It felt as if we’d stepped into a bizarre time warp, but more strange still was that the soldiers had no guns – instead, both sides bore drums, massive wooden spoons, and absurdly large golden knives and forks.

As midnight drew nigh, the whole city poured into the square, pushing through the porticoes for a view of the standoff and cheering from the balconies above. We didn’t quite understand what we were seeing, but we knew where we were – moments before the start of the biggest celebration in San Sebastian, the Tamborrada.

Cultures can be difficult to understand, their traditions more mystifying still. For us, the annual celebration of San Sebastian’s day, known locally as the tamborrada, was one such case. Why were locals so stoked to dress up in 19th century costumes and spend 24 straight hours banging on drums? As with many foreigners, it left our ears ringing and our minds befuddled, but curious.

In the spirit of exploring cultural identity, we decided to take a closer look at the unique celebration that forms an immense source of pride of locals. What we discovered inspired us to jump into the festivities – how a tragic event from the city’s darkest days transformed into the beautiful celebration we see today.

But we weren’t satisfied to stand on the sidelines, so we bought a 3€ chef get-up and drummed away to the beat – between filming, of course! So stay tuned for a new video on Vagabrothers, – San Sebastian’s Tamborrada – the best day of the year of our favorite city in the world!


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A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim (Walking the Camino de Santiago)

NEW VIDEO: Vagabrothers Alex and Mark connect with their inner pilgrim as they walk a section of the ancient pilgrimage route, El Camino de Santiago with this week’s special guest, Kit Barmeyer.

Good company, great times, beautiful scenery, and a quick dip into the deeper side of travel.

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Vagricultural Fun in Markina

The Vagabrothers realize they are city slickers and decide to check out rural Basque life.  Their romantic preconceptions leave them disappointed – and wiser for the experience.

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