The Vagabrothers are currently based in San Sebastián, in the Spanish Basque Country.

We love hearing from our fans and viewers. For questions, comments, or just to say hello, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment here.


-The Vagabrothers


57 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Joan

    Thanks for making the video about catalonia independence, we are catalans and we enjoyed watching the video.

  2. Alex

    Hey! I’ve been looking into teaching abroad and I was wondering what organization you went through to get TEFL certified? and how you navigated getting visas?

    • Alex, the best way to teach English in Spain is through the government-run program, Auxiliares de Conversacion. Applications open until April 2, 2013. Check it out!

  3. Mikel Zabala

    Me parece muy interesante vuestro trabajo.
    Yo conozco un caserío que guarda muchos aperos y herramientas con el que su familia, ha mantenido una economía de subsistencia durante siglos.
    Tiene utensilios de pastoreo, agricultura, pesca de río, etc.
    Si os puede interesar me podeís escribir.

  4. Buenos dias,

    He visto vuestra entrevista en DV y se que estais interesados en hacer un reportaje sobre la cultura en la mar de Euskal Herria a lo largo de su historia. Soy un ciudadano de un pueblo pesquero de Guipuzcoa llamado Hondarribia. En este pueblo, ademas de la tradicion pesquera, tambien se practica un deporte de remo llamado trainera. Antiguamente, las traineras se utilizaban para ir a la pesca de ballenas, pero en la actualidad es un deporte que atrae a mucha gente de la costa. No se si estareis interesados en conocer mejor esta tradicion pero os paso el mail y telefono del club donde os atenderan encantados.


    • Hola Jesus,

      Gracias por ponerte en contacto con nosotros. La verdad es que ya estabamos pensando en hablar con los remeros de Hondarribia sobre la tradición de la caza de ballenas. Tenemos los números de algunas personas en el club de remero, pero sería genial hablar contigo también. Te llamamos cuando estemos listos de grabar la próxima episodio. Muchas gracias de nuevo!

      Un saludo,

      Mark & Alex

  5. Mauricio Mendy

    Hola VagaBrothers!. Ví la entrevista en diario DV. Soy descendiente de un vasco que llegó a la Argentina a finales del 1800. Me gusta la difusión que hacen de Euskadi!.
    Espero que vengan por mí país formado con una diversidad de culturas producto de la inmigración que lo hacen muy interesante.

    Saludos desde Argentina!.
    Mauricio Mendy.

  6. Hola que tal? Me llamo fabián, se que os encanta Euskadi, a mi también, pero en este caso, me presento como catalán. Soy de Girona una ciudad cerca de Barcelona. Vi vuestro vídeo del día de la independencia, que por cierto, me encantó. Estudio primero de Bachillerato y en Cataluña es costumbre hacer un trabajo llamado ”treball de reçerca” que lo puedes hacer sobre lo que quieras. Bien yo he escogido la independencia. He escogido una pregunta ¿qué opina la sociedad catalana de la española y viceversa?. Viendo vuestro vídeo, veo que estáis interesados en el tema, así que sería un placer si me pudierais ayudar un poco, hablar del tema y tal… If you prefer to talk in english, it’s not a problem! I can have normal conversation about famous topics so if you want, let’s talk in english, and the same, if you don’t understend a word, a expresson I have said before, let me know, I’ll be glad to help you 🙂 Than you very much!


  7. iLarraitz

    I’m Larraitz. I really liked your video of Donosti!! 🙂
    Nowadays I live in Montréal and I’m going on vacation for a week to SFO. Any suggestions or tips, and something special I should visit there or in the surrounding area that is not in the tourist guides??
    Thanks and good luck!!!

    Note: I’m from Donosti and I have lived there until I moved to Canada. If you need any help, let me know…

  8. Alex Topp

    I stumbled across your video on the BBBL site. if I wasn’t entering myself, I would definitely vote for you. You both have lots of energy and make great videos. It’s a bonus that you are both from San Diego too!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Alex. We’ll check out your video as well. It’s just an honor to be in the running with so many talented people!

  9. Ione Ayestaran

    Kaixo mutilak!

    I’m Ione, a girl from Pamplona who studies in San Sebastian but currently lives in Köln, Germany, because I’m doing my semester abroad. I fell upon your video about Donosti on Facebook and totally loved it. You fuys did a great job, now anyone who sees the video will fall in love with the city!

    I really like you making videos about the basque culture and spreading them so everybody in the world can actually learn a little bit of our lifestyle. I am half american myself, but I’ve lived in Pamplona and San Sebastian all my life, so I consider myself basque. That’s why I really appreciate your job, it makes me feel even prouder of my origins and culture.

    Hope you keep enjoying Donosti and it’s wonders!

    Eskerrik asko eta zorte on!


  10. Dang guys! I was checking out the Biggest, Baddest Bucket List competition and feeling pretty good about my entry until I saw yours. Nice work! And good luck to you!

    • Hey Angela! We checked out your entry as well – such a cool insight into Bangladesh! Mark spent a half year living in rural Karnataka, India, with similar levels of culture shock! We liked your video and thank you for putting Bangladesh on our bucket list! Best of luck to you as well!

  11. Mel

    Hi, guys! I am from Donosti, and my boyfriend is a new zealander in love with my country (I heard you are half kiwi too)!! If you need any help with your work, feel free to contact with me. Some friends of my family own a baserri and I am sure they would be happy to meet you. If you need any tour guide, you know where I am!!

  12. hey guys…my name is luke. i wanted to talk to you guys about a project me and my buddies are working on in sopelana….im an auxiliar also and saw the email txaro sent everyone……shoot me an email and ill fill you in more…..
    the next event we have in on sunday so ASAP is best.
    talk to you soon

  13. nitsajensen

    I’m so impressed with your site, videos, entry in BBB and more! Good luck and I hope you guys win!

  14. Joseba

    Good luck from Donostia !! , and thank you for let people know something about our city !!

  15. Maria

    Kaixo Mark and Alex!

    I’m a fellow American also living here in Donostia for a short while and just happened to stumble across your video. Have to say I was quite impressed and completely agree with what you had to say about this amazing city. I’m really glad that someone was able to capture and share the unique beauties of the area and fully credit the Basque culture for its sense of tradition and pride for its roots.

    I feel like I’ve tried many times to get across what I feel about the city to other people who have never been here and haven’t been so successful at times. From now on I’ll be sure to include your video to really get my point across!

    May your travels take you even further than they already have; I hope mine (present and future) are nearly as enriching!

  16. Jess

    Hey! I am an American moving to San Sebastian in September for a year with my best friend. Very excited for it. Can you guys do a post or video just on nightlife? Like places Erasmus kids go vs places the Basque students go. (I found after studying in Italy foreigners and locals have different favorite places often.) If anyone else can answer this, please let me know! My email is if anyone has any useful tips!

  17. Hey guys!
    Congrats on making top 10. I can clearly see why you were one of “The Chosen Ones” 🙂
    I was not fortunate enough–but I will be traveling for the next two years.
    I’d love to hang out–if you are in Europe this summer or when you get to Asia (I’ll be there mid-August for a year!) please do let me know!

    Hope you’re up for it—I know we can have funnnnnn!

  18. Hey guys – Great Job and congratulations on making the top 10! If you win, you will have to visit me in Rio. I am an American splitting time in NJ (home) and in Rio. (I run the MyDestination Rio site). I would love to host you in the marvelous city!

    • Hey Rudy! We’d love to make it to Rio – it’s right up at the top of the bucket list. We’re already practicing our Portuguese – Brazilian Portuguese, of course… Hope to see you soon!

  19. Hi Mark and Alex! I was meant to drop a line to Mark ages ago but never got round to. So when I had a dream about you last night I thought that’s a sign 😉 I’m not sure if you remember me Mark but we met in St Petersburg @ Cuba Hostel. I was there with my Venezuelan friend and you just finished your Asian trip. We were looking for Rasputin museum and I think ended up having a drink in a brewery. It was nearly 4 years ago – wow time flies. Anyway, I remember I was so impressed by your travel stories. I read your travel blog religiously. You are really talented – I loved every single entry. I felt like I was travelling myself while I was actually stuck in a library finishing my MA. I did travel a fair bit since and ended not doing Event Marketing I studied but teaching English as a second language in Brighton, UK. I just want to wish you and your brother best of luck for BBB final. You are doing such great job. I always slightly envied people who made travelling part of their lifestyle. But who knows one day maybe I will find myself on the road again…. So carry on exploring, dreaming and discovering.
    PS Once in London pop down to Brighton 😉

    • Anna, of course I remember you! The Cuba hostel was great times, as was wandering around St. Petersburg looking for a museum holding Mr. R’s …um…’legacy’ in formaldehyde. ; )

      I’m glad that you have taken the time to stay up to date with my adventures. It means a lot to hear that I was able to distract you from studying with my travel tales – albeit temporarily! More stories soon to come.

      Yes, now we are in the finals for BBB. Hoping for the best, doing all we can to prepare…mostly just zen-ing out. We’d be grateful if you could re-post a link to our entry and ask your Russian friends to vote for us! We’re hoping to come back to St. Pete’s with BBB!

      Hope our paths cross again soon!
      -Marko Polo

      • Can’t find the link anymore 😦 Can you send it to me pls. Will get my whole language school to vote for you guys 😉

  20. Here ya go! Our video has Russian subtitles, by the way…

  21. Jenny Bowman

    This is from your cousin Jenny in Topeka, Kansas. Mark, I talked to you the other night when I called your grandparents. I am your grandfather’s niece, my mother was Betty who passed away in January of 2012. I just watched and voted for you all for the $50,000 prize…. it was great!! I lived and worked in Germany for 7 years in the 80’s. Your mom and her siblings came to visit me before they went traveling by train in Europe…. I believe that is when she met your dad. (?) Good to connect with you guys… good luck in the contest and enjoy London. It was one of my favorite places to visit when I was there!

  22. Koro Landa

    Kaixo, Vagabrothers
    Hay un lugar que es mi favorito en Pirineos y que llevo visitando desde hace 27 años. Lo conozco bien y conozco a gente maravillosa que lo conoce mejor. Si os interesa poneos en contacto conmigo.
    El video de la tamborrada está fenomenal, envié el enlace a unos amigos en Brisbane y fliparon!
    Hasta pronto!

  23. Hi, my name is Carlota and I’m from San Sebastián, although I’m currently studying Fashion Design in London. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for sharing this amazing city with the world. Most of my projects are inspired by the city and/or artists from the region and it’s my way of showing people that Spain is so much more than flamenco, paella and sangría. So thank you again for your amazing videos and good luck with the contest! xx

  24. Ilargi


    Soy Ilargi y os escribo del periódico Berria. Queremos hacer un reportaje sobre el vídeo de Donostia en Mydestination y nos gustaría ponernos en contacto con vosotros.
    Os dejo mi email:

    Muchas gracias,


  25. Ben Piacquadio

    As a member of the Mission Hills community and friend of the Barmeyers I just want to say that I love what you guys are doing and can only wish u the best of luck and offer my vote for the vagabrothers! Keep up the good work and jams, this has opened my eyes to a large variety of travel destinations and cultures I now need to visit. Best wishes and safe travels!
    – A fellow San Diegan

  26. Ziortza

    Thank you so much! Eskerrik asko! It’s so nice to hear such nice words about our country, Euskal Herria!!!!

  27. Alex & Marko; biggest congratulations from My Destination Melbourne. The team here look forward to following the adventure of a lifetime and maybe even meeting you, should you decide to come here. Melbourne, famous for being the world’s most live-able city.

  28. Also congratulations from Myriam and Monika / My Destination Singapore! We hope you will spend a few days in our garden city so we can take you on a tour off the beaten path, visit the nature reserves, bike around the island of Pulau Ubin, and of course – take you to explore the local food. In any case, have great fun planning your 6-months trip. What a task that must be 🙂

  29. Congrats on winning the BBB list competition!! I read the news in El Diario Vasco last night and couldn’t be happier for you guys.!Thank you for showing San Sebastián-Donostia and what the Basque country has to offer to the rest of the world. As a Basque living in SoCal it is really special to see Californians talking about my hometown.

    Have fun traveling the world!

  30. Paula

    Hi!! im also basque, Im leaving in Pune (India), a city near Mumbai. If you really come to become a bollywood star and you want to meet a group of 15 basque leaving here and make a good jaia, let us know!!!
    enjoy your trip around the world!!!

  31. Koro Landa

    ZORIONAK, Mark eta Alex!
    En Donostia lo sabe todo el mundo, ayer daban la noticia en los autobuses urbanos. ¡Enhorabuena!
    Disfrutad a tope del premio y no olvidéis contárnoslo.
    Laister arte!

  32. Hi Alex and Marko,
    Well done and Huge congratulations for winning the Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition sure you must be so excited to travel the world! Dionne and I would love you to come and experience Zimbabwe so much to see and do like visit Victoria Falls, or go and relax on a houseboat in Kariba. Check out this link -

    Kind regards,

    Jules & Dionne

  33. Genios! Los esperamos en Buenos Aires!

  34. Well done on winning the BBB guys!! As the owner of the Tenerife franchise (plus travel writer and author) I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to show you guys round the island.

  35. Dear Mark & Alex…congratulations on winning BBB! My name is Zain. I’m a reporter for a newspaper in Oman called Muscat Daily. I just found out that my country’s in your bucket (good call), list and I’d like to interview you if possible. My phone number is 00968 92903560. Please send me a text and I’ll call you back, or email me at

  36. Berta

    Thank you very much for showing the best city in the world, my city, San Sebastián! I’m living in another city and watching your videos makes me very proud of my origins, I love to see them! Eskerrik asko!

  37. Hola! I just want to send you greetings from the beautiful Central Coast, California 🙂

    I’ve been checking your blog and videos and I love all of them! As a catalan I want to thank you for sharing our story and show the world what’s going on over there! My mum’s side of the family is from Navarra and the Basque Country so I’m also really glad you had a great time there! Keep enjoying and sharing your trips!!

    Un saludo desde San Luis Obispo,

  38. Hellooo! First of all congrats for winning the BBB hope you’re having the time of your life already!

    I also want to thank you for showing the world my three places/cultures! I’m from a little town near Barcelona but my mum’s side of the family is from Euskadi so I felt really identified with all the videos you posted about catalan/basque cultures! 🙂 and…. I’m currently living in the beautiful California! I’ve been here for a year and it felt like home since the first moment! (I’m going to San Diego in two weeks so thank you for the video full of recommendations! I can’t wait to eat the best California burrito!)

    Greetings from the central coast 😉


  39. Ainhoa Maiz

    Hey Mark and Alex,
    My name is Ainhoa and my sister, who loves your blog, told me you guys were in San Sebastian – I am originally from Portland, Oregon but have Basque roots and am in San Sebastian on vacation for the next week or so, let me know if you wanna meet up a tomar un pintxo 🙂

    • Hello Ainhoa!

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us and tell you sister thanks too 🙂 We are actually in California at home until we begin our round the world trip in July but thanks for the invite 🙂 Eat some pintxos for us.

      -The Vagabrothers

  40. Hey Vagabrothers!

    My sister and I are traveling to Spain in about 2 weeks and San Sebastian is one of our destined cities. We loved your blog and we would love to hear some of your recommendations as to what to activities to do during our stay.

    – Evelyn

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