We’re Alex and Mark Ayling, and we’re the Vagabrothers.

Our lives have been anything but typical. Born in California to a Pan-Am flight attendant and a Kiwi expat, we’ve been traveling since birth.  Twenty-something years has taken us to 45 countries on six continents.

Like so many siblings, we spent much of competing in brotherly rivalry, always competing to master different sports, hobbies, or academic subjects.

Now we’re good friends, and that competition has borne fruit: two different personalities with the same last name.  Our goal is use two perspectives to show you a fuller view of the world through our videos.

Curious as ever, we’re skipping around Europe on our weekends.  We’ve been making films from our base in San Sebastian, Spain, traveling farther when time permits.

Read the bios of Mark and Alex and stay tuned for more stories from the road.

VIDEO: The Vagabrothers on Travel, Culture, and why they love the Basques (English & French Subtitles) 




5 thoughts on “About


    guys, this is raddddd. congrats. oye y cuando van a visitar D.F.?!! jajaaja nos vemos en Lj.

  2. Hey Guys, just stop to say Heloou 🙂

    My name is Ana Gabriela Serra, and I’m Brazilian.

    I have been living in San Sebastian for the last 2 years. I lived in 5 years San Diego (CA), 2years in Italy, few months in England….and of course Brazil…

    But as soon as I get in San Sebastian, its was raining so much, and it was cold (in the beginning of June), but I just fall in love with the city, and here I am, happy, enjoying life and opening my own business to share the Basque Country other people.

    Like u guys just said at the interview, the culture is simply fascinating, the people are nice, honest, transparent. I really understand what u guys were saying!

    So, like I said…just stopped to say HeLoou and good luck with everything!

    Be Safe.

    Peace & Hugs!

    • Hi Ana! Thanks for saying Hello! Donosti is amazing! We have enjoyed the time we’ve spent here, but next stop for us might be your home country – we really want to go to Brazil!!! We saw your website as well – very cool. We might be incorporating La Rioja wine in one of our next episodes…perhaps we could collaborate? Write us through Facebook to stay in touch!

  3. Ainhoa Zubia Goenaga

    hey guys!
    my name is Ainhoa Zubia and i just saw some of your videos about Donostia. I’m 19 years old and I’ve lived all my life in Donostia, so i know quite well the city and the basque culture since all my familly background is basque. If you’re still filming about Donostia or around and need some help don’t doubt to ask me! I would be glad to help!

  4. Hey Mark and Alex, it was great meeting you and it was pleasure showing you a little bit of BC, Canada with My Destination British Columbia! We really are looking forward to seeing your videos and travel articles! Safe travels RTW!
    Rosana & Trevor

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