Our #MyBBB Bucket List: Tasmania

As we prepare to go to London to compete against 9 other finalists for MyDestination’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List competition, we’re blogging about the places we’d love to include on our bucket list. We’ll spend this month in constant count-down, researching MyDestination.com’s 65 featured destinations and highlighting one per day. In no particular order, today’s post is on Tasmania, Australia.  


The challenge of Australia is its vastness. Tasmania, Australia’s only island state, offers the best bits of Oz in a manageable size – plus things you won’t find anywhere else.

We see Tassie as a place to get outdoors and into some real adventures. When we found out that Tasmania has the “world’s cleanest air” it made us want to run, bike and hike our way from north to south until our lungs are gasping for it.

We’re keen for a few walkabouts – from getting lost in the rugged Tarkine wilderness to finding Tasmanian Devils in a conservation park, taking on the Overland Trail or topping off a day’s hike with fresh oysters in Cole Bay. From rock climbing to white-water rafting, caving to jet-boating -there’s plenty to get your heartbeat up.

All that exertion requires some calories. Luckily, Tasmania is renowned for fine dining.  The islands’s climate produces some of the best food in Australia from fresh fruit, local honey, rich chocolate and delectable craft cheeses. Fly fishing tours offer the chance to catch your dinner while wineries provide the local drink to wash it down.

Tasmania also holds many monuments to a fascinating but painful history. It was a center of convicts during the colonial era and still holds many traces of aboriginal culture. Though both were treated harshly at the time, modern historical sites offer a glimpse into this past.

With so much to do outdoors, we can’t forget the cities. Hobart is the capital in the south, where it all comes together. From Salamanca market to Gothic architecture and fine dining, it makes the perfect place to come back to after all that time in the bush.

Hope to see Tasmania soon!  For now, we’ve got this playlist from JamandaHalf.com for Aussie inspiration!

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